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Girl abandoned by parents for her looks wants to prove the world wrong – now she models for Vogue

  Having your parents around in your childhood gives you a sense of security. If you were forced to grow up without your parents or know that your parents abandoned you, it is likely that when you grow up you will feel resentment towards your parents. Xueli Abbing is a 16-year-old girl born in China, abandoned by her parents at birth. She was left at the door of the orphanage and her parents' identities were not known at all. She was named by the staff at the orphanage, 'Xue' in her name means snow while 'Li' means beautiful. She was given this name because she was born with albinism. Albinism is an inherited condition that results in a decrease in the pigment melanin in a person and leaves their skin, hair, and eyes pale. She was adopted by a family in the Netherlands, who provided her with a loving home. When she was 11 years old, she was asked by a designer in Hong Kong to model for a photo shoot where he wanted to show various beauties. "She called the camp

Julia Roberts markedly gained weight. She was spotted on vacation in Hawaii!

54-year-old Julia Roberts seems to have forgotten how to grow old. Beauty hasn't changed in the past 20 years. One day, Julia was arrested while on vacation. She was spotted enjoying a day at the beach with her family in an attractive blue bikini. New pictures of the actress confirmed that Roberts canceled old age. However, not all netizens appreciated the photo of the actress, believing that at 54 you can look better. Netizens comment that Julia looks gorgeous at any age, her amazing beauty impress her fans. She looks gorgeous, isn’t she? Share your opinion in the comments.