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Fearless in the Face of Challenges, this Cute Kitty Rocks a Cheerful Grin Despite Facial Differences!

A Mysterious Guest

On a warm day in Philadelphia, Kris and Kia Papiernik, founders of Kolony Kats, discovered a surprising addition to their feline family. While attending to their colonies of cats, they encountered a unique cat, crossing the street, who turned out to be a nursing mama cat.

Determined to offer help, Kris and Kia fed the friendly but cautious mama cat. Employing their usual technique, they observed from afar, and to their delight, the mama cat led them to her hidden kittens on a front porch. The homeowner revealed that the cat had chosen their porch for several litters in the past. This time, Kolony Kats stepped in to rescue the feline family.

A Teeny Tiny Pirate

Among the kittens, one stood out – Korduroy. Kris and Kia, after taking the mama cat and kittens to the vet, discovered that Korduroy, the smallest of the litter, was a special kitten with a cleft lip and anophthalmia (absence of one eye). Despite his unique appearance, Korduroy was healthy and quickly became an internet sensation with his charming wink and quirky smile.

Korduroy, along with his siblings, was estimated to be 3-4 weeks old. Although the runt of the litter, he thrived under the care of his mom and siblings. Known as the "teeny tiny pirate," Korduroy won hearts with his playful and vocal personality. Despite his size, he embraced life with enthusiasm and became a spoiled, yet lovable, member of the foster family.

Korduroy’s Future

While Korduroy's mom and siblings found forever homes after being spayed/neutered, Korduroy, being too small for the procedure, continued to be pampered by his foster family. He would enjoy treats and snacks until the time came for his adoption to a special family, ensuring a lifetime of joy for the little pirate.

Thanks to the efforts of Kris and Kia, Korduroy found a loving family and continued to bring joy to everyone he met. His story illustrates the power of compassion and the impact of dedicated rescuers.

# FAQs

Who are Kris and Kia Papiernik?

Kris and Kia Papiernik are the founders of Kolony Kats, a married couple residing in Philadelphia, PA. They have dedicated the last decade to practicing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) to alleviate the suffering of feral cats and kittens.

 What is Kolony Kats’s mission?

Kolony Kats’s mission is to advocate and practice TNR to break the cycle of suffering for stray and feral cats. Kris and Kia work tirelessly, providing relief to the estimated 400,000 stray cats in Philadelphia.

How does Kris and Kia rescue cats?

Kris and Kia practice TNR seven days a week, 365 days a year. They not only spay/neuter cats but also provide food and medical treatment for several colonies across different locations.

Who is Korduroy?

Korduroy is a special kitten with a cleft lip and anophthalmia, adopted by Kris and Kia. Despite his unique features, he became an internet sensation, stealing hearts with his charming personality.

 What is Kolony Kats’s impact?

Kolony Kats has made a significant impact on reducing the stray and feral cat populations in Philadelphia through TNR. They go above and beyond by fostering and rescuing cats in need, ensuring they find loving homes.

 Is Korduroy the only special cat rescued by Kolony Kats?

Korduroy is one of the many cats rescued by Kolony Kats. The organization has integrated fostering and rescuing into their mission, ensuring that every cat, like Korduroy, has a chance for a forever home.!

Fearless in the Face of Challenges, this Cute Kitty Rocks a Cheerful Grin Despite Facial Differences! Fearless in the Face of Challenges, this Cute Kitty Rocks a Cheerful Grin Despite Facial Differences! Reviewed by Alex on January 24, 2024 Rating: 5

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