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Heartwarming Tale: Two Girls Bring Joy to a Seriously Ill Dog in Its Final Months

Sarah and Kelly's Compassionate Rescue Mission

Sarah Launch and Kelly Michael have stepped up to care for Roosevelt, a dog facing terminal bone cancer. Their mission: to provide him with a joyful life for his remaining six months. With little knowledge about his first five years, the duo is determined to make Roo's last months memorable.

A Call to Action: Fostering Hope for Roo

Sarah, an executive producer at Comcast, received a call from her friend Kelly, leading to their decision to foster Roo. Detecting signs of trouble before the terminal diagnosis, they remain optimistic, committed to maximizing the time they have left with him.

To make Roo's final days extraordinary, Sarah and Kelly crafted a bucket list. Documenting his experiences with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo, they aim to inspire dog owners to embark on memorable adventures with their pets.

Unforgettable Adventures: Roo's Final Wishes Fulfilled

The duo spared no effort in fulfilling Roo's last wishes. From therapeutic massages to indulging in his love for Taco Bell and treating him to his favorite - ice cream, they aimed to make every moment count.

Despite Roo's diagnosis, he reveled in delicious ice cream from Tastee Freeze, trekked through Starved Rock State Park, and enjoyed a meaty treat, displaying surprising vigor. His energy during the trek and eagerness were a testament to his resilience.

Sharing Roo's journey on social media, Sarah and Kelly used #LiveLikeRoo to spread positivity. The story captured the nation's attention, motivating others to create lasting memories with their furry companions.

Roo's Impact: Inspiring a Nationwide Movement

Lauch emphasized that their goal is for people to know Roo's story. The duo has inspired countless individuals to cherish moments with their pets and make each day special. Roo, sensing emotions accurately, has become a source of motivation for many.

As Roo's remaining time remains uncertain, Sarah and Kelly focus on cherishing each moment. Roo, blissfully unaware of his fate, continues to have his every desire fulfilled. While the inevitable end looms, the duo chooses to live in the present.

# FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

**Q1: How did Sarah and Kelly decide to foster Roo?**

A1: Kelly contacted Sarah, leading them to decide together to foster Roo after detecting signs of trouble before his terminal diagnosis.

**Q2: What was Roo's bucket list, and how did they document his experiences?**

A2: Roo's bucket list included therapeutic massages, Taco Bell indulgence, and ice cream treats. His experiences were documented with the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo on social media.

**Q3: How did Roo's story become a sensation across the country?**

A3: Sarah and Kelly shared Roo's journey on social media, using #LiveLikeRoo, inspiring a nationwide movement to cherish moments with pets.

**Q4: How is Roo's health despite the terminal diagnosis?**

A4: Surprisingly, Roo displayed good health and remarkable vigor during adventures, showing no signs of weakness despite his terminal condition.

**Q5: How do Sarah and Kelly cope with the uncertainty of Roo's remaining time?**

A5: Sarah and Kelly focus on enjoying each moment with Roo, embracing the uncertainty of his future while fulfilling his every desire.
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