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’Good Times’ Dad John Amos Turns 83 – He Tossed Aside Cane to Dance with Daughter Weeks before Birthday

“Good Times” onscreen father, John Amos, turns 83 today! The actor put away his cane to dance with his children, who show him love and respect. He had a hard time raising his children in an interracial marriage but became an excellent father who his children adored.

On December 27, 2022, John Amos, who is best known for playing James Evans Sr. in the CBS drama “Good Times,” celebrated his 83rd birthday! Aside from his special day, the actor had a lot to celebrate, including the love he received from his children.

According to his IMDb account, John is the father of six children from three different women to whom he has been married over the years. In each relationship, the star is said to have welcomed two children.

John Amos visited SiriusXM Studios on October 10, 2017, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Two of the children, K.C. Amos and Shannon Amos, known to many fans. According to reports, the actor is beloved by his children, and his son and daughter congratulated him by sharing posts to celebrate the occasion.

The duo also often share special moments with their father on social networks. Shannon uploaded one such post, and in that post, she and John shared a memorable event that no one will ever forget.

How do John's children show love for him?

In October 2022, a few weeks before John's birthday, Shannon shared a clip on Instagram that would last long after her father passed away. The video begins with Shannon asking the actor if she can dance with him.

The two then headed outside, where the star's daughter helped descend a few stairs with the help of a cane. The way she balances him and him on a walking stick, shows how age has caught up with the famous star.

However, his love for his daughter made him drop the stick so they could dance slowly! John and Shannon dance to Luther Vandross' "Dance with My Father" as he kisses her forehead, and they embrace, his daughter writing:

“Grateful for this precious moment with my Dad.”

Shannon is doing the Father's Dance Challenge and is calling on others to join in to "create a precious moment". It was a heartwarming moment to see the couple moving slowly.

John not only spends time with Shannon but also K.C., as seen in a July 2021 Instagram video post. In the clip provided by K.C. posted, the actor was seen dancing, without a cane, with his son in Denver at the #SpreadTheCheerUSA gala.

The star looked very happy in November 2022, just as he was surrounded by his children, sitting outside with his son who looked like him and singing along to Johnny Nash's "I Can See Clear Now". He revealed he and K.C. had a good time “starting” on vacation.

At a gas station in Arizona, a white man attacked them [Noel Jean Mickelson, John Amos and Shannon Amos] with a shotgun…

How did John raise children with his wife?

On June 16, 2020, Shannon uploaded to Instagram a beautiful snap of her father and mother, Noel Jean Mickelson. The star's daughter noted that when her parents married in 1965 when interracial marriage was illegal in 16 states!

Shannon shared how her father met and fell in love with her mother while attending Colorado State University. John is from inner-city Newark, New Jersey, while his wife is from the small Midwestern town of Estherville, Iowa.

It was love at first sight for the couple, but it was a tough time in America. K.C.'s sister. explains: “When I was a kid, I didn't know my parents had different skin colors. I just see them as my parents—two people who love me.”

However, that all changed when she was 5 years old and experienced a traumatic incident while going on a cross-country trip with her parents. At a gas station in Arizona, a white man attacked them with a shotgun and used abusive language as he asked the family to leave the gas station.

Mickelson's marriage to John lasted ten years and ended in divorce; However, the actor is still close to his children, who love and respect him very much. Wishing the star the happiest 83rd birthday!

’Good Times’ Dad John Amos Turns 83 – He Tossed Aside Cane to Dance with Daughter Weeks before Birthday ’Good Times’ Dad John Amos Turns 83 – He Tossed Aside Cane to Dance with Daughter Weeks before Birthday Reviewed by ENTERTAINMENT NEWS on December 28, 2022 Rating: 5

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