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Stranded Pooch with Twisted Limbs Needs Urgent Help at the Park – Can't Make It Home

Discovery and Rescue

Chance, a male bulldog-type pup, now affectionately named, was discovered by a diligent dog walker near Seeds Lane, Liverpool. The pup was found nestled in a bush alongside a footpath close to the Kirkdale Cemetery.

The Intervention

Promptly responding to the distress call, RSPCA inspector Jo McDonald took charge of the situation. The terrified and emaciated pup was swiftly transported to RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for urgent care last month.

Medical Attention and Recovery

Under the watchful eyes of the hospital staff, Chance underwent an operation to address one of his legs. Following the surgery, he was transferred to the RSPCA Wirral and Chester branch. It was here that Kay Hawthorn, the branch manager, developed a deep affection for the lovable pup, estimated to be around three months old.

A New Beginning

Rather than opting for rehoming, Kay decided to provide Chance with a permanent home alongside her four other dogs. Despite his traumatic past, Chance's resilience and compatibility with Kay's other pets captured her heart.

Kay's Perspective

Kay expressed her sentiment, stating, “I just fell in love with him, and he gets on so well with my other dogs I decided to give him a home, and he has settled in so well.” She highlighted the initial challenges Chance faced, curled up in fear due to his previous abandonment.

Remarkable Progress

Despite his initial condition, Chance made remarkable progress in Kay's care. Within two weeks, he nearly doubled his weight, reaching 8.2 kilograms. His skin condition, previously flaky, was successfully treated. Kay emphasized his positive response to a good diet and the compassionate environment.

A recent check-up at the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital revealed positive outcomes for Chance's surgically treated leg. The good diet contributed to the natural correction of his other leg, enabling him to walk and run with newfound freedom.

# FAQs

**Q1: How was Chance discovered?**

Chance was found by a dog walker in a bush near Seeds Lane, Liverpool.

**Q2: What was Chance's initial condition?**

He was terrified, emaciated, and had deformities in his legs, necessitating surgery.

**Q3: Why didn't Kay put Chance up for rehoming?**

Kay decided to adopt Chance due to her deep affection for him and his harmonious integration with her other dogs.

**Q4: How has Chance's health improved?**

Within two weeks, he nearly doubled his weight, and his skin condition was successfully treated. His surgically treated leg showed positive results, and the other leg naturally corrected itself with the help of a good diet.

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