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Mom defends putting her kid on a leash for safety

Some parents debate the best methods to raise their children safely. From child car seats to home outlet covers, parents will do their best to protect their children from damage and mishaps. However, a safe step has been widely controversial and one mother has spoken out in support of it.

Desiree Hoye has sparked debate after sharing images and testimonies about why she uses a backpack lanyard with her toddler. She begins her story by confessing that at one point she said: before becoming a mother, she declared that she would never tie her child to a leash, it is not a dog!

As time went on, however, Hoye noticed a trend emerging in the news. Every year, we hear about new disasters that could have been prevented if children hadn't run away from their parents. She claims that more than 2,000 children go missing every day, from petty accidents to kidnappings that can happen in seconds.

Given these dangers, Hoye wonders if parents and guardians really blame her for seeking an extra layer of protection for her child. She cites young children's tendency to wander off on their own as well as the stress of a missing child as more than enough reason to put her on a leash.

As Hoye stated that she had someone say to her, ‘Look at her putting her child on a leash…How awful.’”

Critics are concerned about whether the harness is suitable for children. There is literally no solid evidence that children are harmed by the correct use of harnesses. However, there is no convincing evidence that harnesses and leashes reduce harm to children, making it a personal preference. Some opponents worry about the psychological effects, especially when children spot suspicious glances or equate leash with dogs.

Even with the dangers, parents like Hoye believe the leash is worth it. The angry looks or harsh words of others have nothing to do with their determination to protect their child. Hoye explains that she chooses safety now and every day because she loves her children more than anything else in the world. She would rather receive some strange looks from outsiders than never see his sweet face again.

The decision to use or not to use a child leash is essentially a personal decision. However, if you are considering a baby leash, here are a few things to think about.

Choose between a harness and a backpack lanyard. Wrist or hand-held straps require the involvement of children, which can cause problems.

Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. Using a harness or backpack correctly reduces the risk of harm.

Check that the harness or backpack is properly attached. It should be neither too tight nor too loose to be comfortable or believable.

Stay tuned for Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls. Check out feedback from other parents and guardians.

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