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Mom Is Torn Apart When Nobody Congratulates Her on the Birth of Her Daughter

After the baby was born, the mother couldn't understand what was going on as the room fell into an anxious dead silence. She was extremely afraid of words that would break the quiet atmosphere.

In 2018, after nine months of trying to conceive, Eliza Jamkochian Bahneman, 36, and her husband, Erik, 41, were overjoyed to learn they were about to have a baby!

Bahneman was ecstatic to share her pregnancy journey with several friends and also her sister and sister-in-law. They all had children at the same time and had due dates approaching. The expectant mother eagerly awaits her miraculous newborn baby to enter this beautiful world.

Of course, the baby girl eventually chose to leave the safe space of her mother's womb, a month earlier than expected. In October 2018, Isabella, or "Bella," was officially born.

This newborn was birthed at 5½ lb after a total of 12 hours of intensive labor. However, what was meant to be an exuberant moment quickly faded.

Bahneman noticed a dark silence as whispers washed over the room, leaving her disconcerted. Looking back at the moment, she expressed:

“‘Why isn’t anyone congratulating me? Why is my husband so confused and scared? Why can’t my mom look at me?”

Bella was then taken to the NICU, and after many tests and evaluations, the newborn was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Treacher Collins. This causes the facial bones not to develop properly.

Due to this, Isabella was born with many issues, such as loss of hearing and a small airway. So began the rocky road consisting of surgeries and having to rush to the hospital due to emergencies.

Bella had to attend many forms of therapy. This included music classes for her loss of hearing, speech as well as occupational therapy.

The mother wants to continue to raise awareness and educate the community about Treacher Collins disorder. Overall, Bahneman wants to inspire others to be kind to people with this condition. After all, this is all people should do when they meet someone unique but beautiful.

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